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The Power of Mascara

This week, I decided to tackle the following question: Why wear makeup in the middle of this socially isolating time? I think this is a very personal topic and it comes down to one personal question: do you wear make up for others or do you wear make up for you?

If you answered the latter, I don’t think that makes you vain. Now that my days are filled with online meetings, I get up earlier to make sure I have time for a little foundation, liner and lipstick and, to be honest, I feel better. I feel more like myself. It’s a small way I can assert a little control over this situation.

This idea is the topic of an excellent article in Time magazine appropriately titled Why it’s Totally Fine to Wear Make Up During a Pandemic. Yes, Time magazine. Turns out, it can be all about psychology. Dr. Stewart Shankman, chief of psychology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, suggests that it can just boil down to improving your state of mind: “What people are doing when they’re putting on makeup or getting dressed is they’re doing something to improve their mood, and we know from research studies and interventions that when people can control their mood, it helps their sense of well-being.” Well said, Doctor. The article in its entirety can be read here: Full Article

Now this is not to suggest you should wear make up. For some of us, NOT wearing make up is a way to assert control. In fact, I admire these women. But if a little mascara and lipstick lifts your mood, then there is no shame in using this time to experiment with different make up and techniques. And so I turned to a group of woman who know their way around a make up brush and who bravely volunteered to share their favorite products…despite the fact that no one has had their eyebrows done in a while….

At thirty, Sara has always been a mascara girl. She discovered Younique's 4D Epic mascara and soon fell in love with the Younique line. She prefers the light and natural look that this line offers. She is a perfect embodiment of Younique's mission statement: " uplift, empower, validate and ultimately build self-esteem in womean around the world..." Check out more of Sara and this beautiful line on her website @ Younique or follow her on Facebook ! As the saying goes, life is short, but that doesn't mean your lashes need to be. 

At 36, Takeya is a woman whose make up mirrors her vibrant personality: bold, colorful and fun. She loves to experiment with color, blending vivid shades with neutral ones to make the look she shows here...She doesn't see makeup as a mask, but as a way to express her adventurous and playful style. For this look, she used products from Sephora, L'Oreal and Urban Decay.

At 41, Wendy's striking and elegant look is powerful in its approach to color. She embraces the classic contrast of her glossy hair and pale skin with a look that embodies confidence. Her makeup bag is filled with both high end products and less expensive alternatives. To get this luminous glow, she uses Estee Lauder's Estee Lauder's Perfectionist Youth Infusing Serum with a coordinating concealer. Bronze Goddess illuminating powder and blush in Peach Passion add luminescence. On her lids, she is using Lauder's Pure Color Envy shadow. She always uses a finishing spray to seal the deal! You can browse these choices and more at Estee Lauder

At 54, I have been blessed with good friends and good health, but not good lip color. Fortunately, there is a fix for that.  Whoever is responsible for the invention of long wearing lipstick is my unsung hero; I rarely wear anything else. But I've had to make adjustments as time has passed. I've found I need to avoid the very pale or very dark lipstick I loved to wear years ago. Now, I stick with mauves and corals to complement my Irish skin. I find I don't need to spend a lot to get lasting lip color. I still go back to Maybelline and Cover Girl for great shades that will last all day. Then I can splurge on my other makeup obsessions. Lately, this has included the Beauty Pie line which offers incredible quality for an unbelievable price. I am wearing their foundation in Buttermilky for a light finish that offers layers of beautiful coverage. My liquid liner is also Beauty Pie and my shadow is the Toasted eye shadow palette from Tarte-my favorite set that offers beautiful shades for green eyes!  See some of the products I use at Beauty Pie

She can change her look- and her mood- in the swish of a makeup brush. Holly balances motherhood and a demanding teaching position with polished style. In this look, she uses multiple tones of eye shadow to add depth. A bold lip color and brighter cheek work to give her a beautiful glow. She loves the Senegence line for its lasting power and healthy benefits. You can see more here