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Looking Professional in Blue Jeans

There was a time when teachers wearing jeans in the classroom was tabu, but recent years have seen an increased acceptance for wearing jeans in the classroom. Even pre-Covid, many schools offered a casual friday option where jeans were allowed.

And now, with remote teaching and hybrid instruction, even more teachers are exploring the denim options. But how do you look professional in denim, especially when you teach teenagers? Here are some ways to branch out into denim while maintaining a look of chic prefessionalism!

Keep it professional with dark denim. Kut from the Kloth jeans are a perfect option and are available in different lengths: Mia Toothpick Jean  Add a classy blazer and accent with bold gold jewelry to elevate the look.

The fastest way to keep your professional look in jeans is to add a blazer over a simple Vneck T. I stalked this one from Ann Taylor for months. The black version is here: Blazer  OR try one of these: Amazon options

A plaid blazer over a white T is always a chic way to wear jeans. This plaid blazer from Loft is still available and on sale! Try it with a lighter jean with a ripped hem like these: Jeans

Always chic: slim jeans with a classly blouse. This one is no longer available but Ann Taylor has plenty of options which you can find here: Blouses

I am in LOVE with this ruched top which adds class and style to anything from cardigans to blazers. Order one for yourself here: Ruched top

Add some fun with a warm poncho and tall boots. This stylish one is from AT and you can find it here: Knit Poncho

Add some flare with these fun jeans! They look classy with a plain black turtleneck, gold jewelry and mid length black booties. You can find them here: button fly flare

Add some blue light glasses and animal print shoes to this blazer to give it a professional edge. This look also looks great with sneakers!

Try a knit ruana, belted over a turtleneck, for a look that will keep you toasty warm while still chic and professional! Find a similar one here: knit cardigan