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Why I Went to the Woods

...Because I am quarantined and can't go anywhere else....

Thoreau might have gone to the woods to live deliberately, but I just went because I had to get out of the house. I was on day two of my quarantine. Yes, day two. Already restless.

One could make a case that Henry David was disillusioned with his government and had lost confidence in it; on that point, we have some things in common. But after that, the similarities end; Thoreau was trying to withdraw from the world and I, personally, want back in!

I'm sure none of us thought this would go on like it has. This week, my school district went remote. To our credit, we lasted longer than I thought we would but it was a decision that regrettably had to be made. Cases are rising and we need to get control.

And if I am being honest, the health of those I love is worth 14 days. I can still teach and, though no one who knows me would classify me as woodsy, I have to admit that there is beauty all around us that we miss because we never slow down....Well, it's slow going now. Let's make the best of it. 

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