Teacher Finds to Make Your Hybrid Day Better

So. This new Hybrid Schedule is kicking my butt. This veteran teacher of 32 years is in bed by nine o’clock on school nights. I remember well the way I felt in my first year of teaching: that overwhelming feeling that I was only a half step ahead of where I needed to be tomorrow. It’s back.

I did not anticipate many things. I encouraged my students to reach out if they needed help in any way and they have taken me at my word! I feel like a doctor always on call. And then, there’s Canvas and the war it is waging between my gradebook and my google docs. I’d like to cut and run, but I refuse to be beaten by a computer platform. And let’s not forget the grading. So. Much. Grading.

BUT… I also must acknowledge how good it feels to see students in desks in front of me again, trying to do right by Harper Lee and my other favorite authors. I keep trying to figure this out for my kids. We are teaching in a new world…so clearly we need some new stuff. Check out the items I found on Amazon. They will either make your teaching day better, or hold your wine when you get home….

"Because it takes a big heart to teach little minds!"

Cool Stuff For Teachers on Amazon!

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